Arlo's Treasure by Anthony Zarb

Anthony Zarb

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Arlo's Treasure

Anthony Zarb (Author and Illustrator)

Arlo, a hard working little mole, finds himself unprepared for the responsibilities life presents. With three little pups on the way, Arlo sets out in search of the treasure that will bring happiness to both himself and his family.

Arlo is a great provider. However, he gets lost with what is important. In his search, Arlo discovers a lost treasure chest and the true wealth his heart desires.

For ages 4 to 12, Arlo's Treasure has adventure, mystery and surprise, with a family oriented moral value. The appeal also extends to those adults who love storytelling.


Trim size: 8 x 8 (20.32 x 20.32 cm)

Page count: 42

Internal pages: Full Color

Binding: Paperback

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