The Distant Kingdoms Volume Five: The Centre of the Storm by David A Petersen

The Distant Kingdoms Volume Five: The Centre of the Storm by David A Petersen

David A Petersen

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The Distant Kingdoms Volume Five: The Centre of the Storm

David A Petersen

THE AZZIL TERRITORIES - The second major power to be found on the world of Perencore and traditional enemy of the Hamaforth Kingdoms.

THE CITY OF TERRIMORTER - The capital city of the Azzil Territories.

RULER JOM AZZER - The man who rules the Azzil Territories with absolute authority.

A major military conflict now brews between the two powers of the Hamaforth Kingdoms and their dreaded enemy the Azzil Territories. These authorities are currently vying for a superior position in an upcoming war. Eventually, the king, Entell Thellon the Third leads a mighty army to the west to combat the constant threat but discovers recent events are not what they initially appeared to be leading up to this conflict.

The evil authority over in the dreaded nation of Blurican has fallen thanks to the interference of Dale Johnstone, Connie York and Sean Corrigan.
They have now fled back to the Hamaforth Kingdoms and are attempting to come to grips with the horrors they faced while in that northern nation aiding the Freedom Brigade who were in a rebellion against the authority of the now deceased Grand Duke Termer Bethnorack and the horrific slave trade he openly supported.

The Appor tribe and their associates, the Bonaparte family arrive at Valderhien, the capital city of the Hamaforth Kingdoms to discover that Carl Buchanan and the other Civil War soldiers along with Sergeant Major Walter Bradshaw and his British redcoat squad are already in place. Unfortunately, due to an issue within the Appor tribe a conflict arises between these various groups of Beyonders.

Colin Bourke and his associates are involved in cleaning up the chaos after the attempted invasion of Xerous from the Azzil Territories under the guise of reinstalling Lord Perorn back on the Porran throne. During this time he is aided by Lieutenant Gary Wyndham and his Marines squad who have recently escaped a siege by the Anhil bandits just across the border. Unfortunately, not everything goes according to plan and they still face threats from inside the city.

And further to the west, Victor Chan, Lorraine Montague and the Rider, Immir Hanis have been captured by a battalion of Territorian soldiers who will eventually escort them across the Azzil Territories to the city of Terrimorter to meet with none other than Ruler Jom Azzer. During their journey, they come across numerous threats to their safety from mysterious beasts to insane members of the local military. On reaching Terrimorter, they discover their lives in constant peril from the many different sources to be found in this legendary city.

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