The Homecoming by Judith C Deane-Freeman

The Homecoming by Judith C Deane-Freeman

Judith C Deane-Freeman

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The Homecoming

Judith C Deane-Freeman

Stephanie Marshall is a nurse with a passion for baking, who has reached a turning-point in her life. Her grown-up sons have left home, her ex-husband wants to sell their house and then her beloved mother Sarah Jane dies, leaving Stephanie on her own for the first time in her life.

While packing up the family home, Steph finds some photos of her youthful parents, and realising how little she knows of her mother's past and unsure what to do with the rest of her life, she sets off on a quest to find some answers.

Quitting her job and leaving Melbourne behind, the trail takes her to Woolshed Bay, a small coastal town in rural South Australia, where she finds more questions than answers. Why is the elderly Anne Benson, matriarch of the pioneering Pascoe family, hell-bent on driving her out of town? Why did her mother lie about her background? And why was she written out of her family's history? Steph's feeling of belonging helps her overcome the hostility she encounters, as she embraces new opportunities and a chance at true love. When her son, Liam joins her in Woolshed Bay, his physical resemblance to one of the Pascoe clan is impossible to ignore.

As Anne Benson's secret unravels, a tragedy more than half a century old is revealed and the power of her bitter regrets to influence the present is exposed. Stephanie and Liam are not the only ones set free by the truth, as they are embraced by the community. As they find friends and family, a future and true love, Stephanie feels an abiding sense of having found home.

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