The Ties That Bind: Book 2 of the Wisdom series by J.L. Heylen

J.L. Heylen

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The Ties That Bind: Book 2 of the Wisdom

J.L. Heylen

After two years of enforced separation, Carla and Ariel are thrown back together by circumstances they find hard to control. But as Carla seems to lose power, Ariel gains in skill, and finds she is capable of things never dreamed of. 

As a deadly enemy rises in New Sydney, the communities of Real Eden and New Sydney must forge a relationship with each other, and grapple with a new group of survivors whose intentions are not necessarily what they seem.

In the midst of turmoil, Ariel and Carla are re-united, but they must deal with tremendous changes in their lives. Will the pressure be too much?

Join Ariel and Carla on a journey of love, betrayal and self-discovery, in this second book in Wisdom series that began with Wisdom Beyond Her Years.

New Sydney just got deadlier.

Please note: this book contains adult themes, occasional coarse language and sex scenes

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