Unbeatable by Paul Coetser

Unbeatable by Paul Coetser

Paul Coetser

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Paul Coetser
(The SAP Whisperer)

2027 is coming ready or not. Are you?

Do you relate to any of these:

  • The Board or Stakeholders got you having sleepless nights trying to come up with that elusive business case that just will not stack up?
  • Can’t convince your peers why this is the right thing to do? Can’t see how this won’t cost you millions that you don’t have?
  • Looking around at your peers and you only see stories of cost and time overruns, disgruntled users and unrealised functionality?
  • Got more pressing issues?
  • Need a way to do this at low risk and with controlled costs?
  • Not sure where to start?
  • How to deploy - Green/Brown/Bluefield, Big Bang, Phased, by Region, by Function?
  • How to optimise your contracts – what’s important, what you can change and what is fixed?
  • Get rid of shelf ware but do not know how?
  • Need a roadmap but all the vendors do is confuse you and the business?

The answer is in your hands. This book will guide you from where you are today and answer your most pressing questions. Move to S/4HANA – let’s get this done.

Published: 2022

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