Four Destinies by Maddy Bougher

Maddy Bougher

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Four Destinies

Maddy Bougher

Do you ever feel like you don’t fit into the mainstream, where everything is social and progressive and centred around the greatness of humanity? Does the ongoing suffering of Earth and her creatures lying at the foundation of our world sometimes become unbearable, to the point where you feel unable to live in a place where society ignores what it has done and continues to indulge in an endless cycle of pain and torment? 

It can feel hopeless, but you’re not alone; Ever is a young girl who lives with her rabbit/best friend, Luca, in a town where no one understands a reclusive hermit who doesn’t adhere to the normal social protocols. She feels disconnected and far away from everyone around her, and Luca is the only one who can make her feel alright again. 

Tired of her life, everything changes when she meets two strangers: Fate, a human, and Crescent, a horse, who have come from another world and offer her the chance to find her true destiny in a world where humans and nature live in harmony. 

All is not peaceful, however, and a power-hungry sorcerer has taken command of this parallel world, threatening to turn it into the human ravaged society we know today. The destinies of Ever and her friends are caught up in the playing cards of fate as they try to find a way to bring balance back into the world he has shaken. 

This story explores the darker sides of humanity and the detrimental impact our society has on the world. Foremost, however, it is about friendship, and how the most powerful bonds can hold together, even when they are apart.

Published: 2022

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