The Distant Kingdoms Volume Ten: The Sounds of a Distant Upheaval by David A. Petersen

The Distant Kingdoms Volume Ten: The Sounds of a Distant Upheaval by David A. Petersen

David A Petersen

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The Distant Kingdoms Volume Ten:

The Sounds of a Distant Upheaval

David A. Petersen

PHORNIMIREN- The southern nation located to the south of the Hamaforth Kingdoms.

LORD IROWAN INBET – The reigning Lord of the nation of San set in place after the assassination of his entire family..

PARADISE ENTERPRISE CENTRE– A hundred and sixty-nine storey business and residential high-rise that mysteriously vanished from Earth.

In the city of Valderhien, the capital of the entire Hamaforth Kingdoms, Her Royal Majesty, Sinar Thellon the First, as with all of her subjects, waits with ever-waning patience for news about Colin Bourke’s invasion of the distant Azzil Territories in an effort to retrieve King Entell Thellon and his two sons from their illegal imprisonment in the city of Terrimorter. During these tense days, the Queen decides to forge ahead with life in the city and decides it is time for her daughter, Paura Thellon to be betrothed to Lord Irowan Inbet in an arranged marriage- much to her highness’ shock. His Lordship and a group of close relatives are summoned to Valderhien for the ceremony.

Unbeknown to anyone involved in these events, Ruler Jom Azzer has employed a professional killer to likewise enter the city to eradicate the other members of the Thellon line. The killer in question soon makes his presence felt by entering the Royal palace disguised as a sergeant in the local garrison. He then waits until after the wedding function before striking at his designated target, only to discover he has, in fact, attacked the wrong person. After this dire event, news comes through to the peoples of Valderhien about not only the fall of the government up in the dreaded nation of Blurican, but that victory has been achieved over in Terrimorter, freeing the king and both princes.

Over in the southern nation of Phornimiren, in the capital of Arranmin, the recently appointed Lord Annus Perorn is attempting with great reluctance to wrench control of the country from others who would see him fail for their own personal gains. Unfortunately, the threat of the monsters known as Wenris-Wer is still present in the land, particularly in the more remote areas where they have posed a constant threat to both human and animal life in these regions. His Lordship finally takes charge, ordering a large army to enter the vast forests in order to finally exterminate the creatures and put a permanent end to their destructive rampage.

During this time the few Appor who have survived the massacre near the distant city of Kerroway, have banded together to create a home in the very same woods. Food has now become scarce due to the constant presence of the Wenris-Wer, causing the tribe members to travel further afield from their settlement. They eventually stumble across the very same skyscraper Ernest Bonaparte discovered on initially arriving on the world of Perencore. Inside the immense structure they discover a massive colony of the dreaded creatures which are now using the building as their main base, ranging out at night to hunt for food.

The Appor band together with the local army to combat the threat to everyone’s lives and soon a major battle erupts between themselves and the vicious creatures that swarm from out of their home in their thousands. After the fighting, the survivors must return to their respective homes with the knowledge that peace has finally been achieved all across the continent.

Published: 2018

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