The Distant Kingdoms Volume Twelve: Valouras Bound by David A. Petersen

The Distant Kingdoms Volume Twelve: Valouras Bound by David A. Petersen

David A Petersen

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The Distant Kingdoms Volume Twelve:

Valouras Bound

David A. Petersen

VALOURAS-The mythical island state to the far north.

KASHIR – The capital city of Valouras, located in a secluded harbour well away from prying eyes.

IMPERATOR ARET ZINNAN – The rightful leader of the nation of Valouras and all of its people.

Dale Johnstone, Ricky Sorell, the Dearnian guard, Banisor and an accompanying military company have been instructed to locate the SCATT – Self Contained All Terrain Transport in order for it to be safe from enemy hands and any hostile intentions they might harbour. The entire battalion travel from the city of Terrimorter, heading in a north-easterly direction in the hope of discovering the huge vehicle’s current location.

During their travels the military unit are also ordered to discover the whereabouts of another squad dispatched by her Royal Majesty, Sinar Thellon the First. With the aid of a local Rider they do eventually stumble across the other unit, only to find out they have been taken captive by a large group of local bandits. Much to their shock, they also discover that the Rider is in league with the Anhil. Thankfully the captured soldiers are released, the Anhil killed and the rogue law enforcement officer arrested and put in chains for his return to the city of Valderhien where he will have to face the Queen’s wrath.

Thankfully, the Rider does know the SCATT’s whereabouts and is forced into guiding the battalion to its location. Soon afterwards, one of the recently released soldiers is placed inside the machine in order to full recuperate from her terrible ordeal. The commanding officer of the military company is afforded a tour of the vehicle and once the inspection is complete, Dale and Ricky Sorell trick everyone into evacuating the craft so they can make good their escape and not have it fall into military hands.

Once they have indeed escaped their escort, it becomes apparent that others are still on board the vessel, including Banisor and the young soldier. These two individuals vow to aid the others in their self-appointed quest to locate the mysterious nation of Valouras said to be to the far north of the Azzil Territories. During their expedition they stop to aid the crew of a war vessel stricken by a recent storm. They eventually place the crew and the senior officer at a fishing village where they are certain to get help in returning to their homes.

Many days later the remaining people still on board the SCATT come across a picturesque island where they take some time for some greatly needed relaxation. Unfortunately, a severe quake and resulting tsunami soon put a halt to their festivities. It now becomes apparent that the entire region is under the influence of a major volcanic disturbance which threatens to erupt at any time.

After fleeing the area, the explorers finally reach the nation of Valouras and its capital city, Kashir, a majestic cliff face metropolis. The local people attempt to kill them on the spot, although a little fast-talking by Dale soon alleviates the many concerns held by the island nation’s ultimate leader Imperator Aret Zinnan. The four visitors to the city soon discover that the local community holds an incredible secret that if divulged to the outside world could easily bring destruction to all its population.

The explorers soon come to understand the local inhabitants with their numerous unique characteristics and lifestyles. Tragically, during the crew’s stay, disaster strikes as the volcano does indeed erupt, bringing about a great disaster across the entire island. The SCATT eventually departs from Valouras with its crew vowing to do what they can to protect its people and their wondrous secret.

Published: 2019

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