Pamela Loveridge Gift Pack

Pamela Loveridge Gift Pack

Pamela Loveridge

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Pamela Loveridge Gift Pack  

1. The Spear Thrower 

About eighty thousand years ago in eastern Africa, a young native named Nibu witnesses some lions kill his parents while out hunting. It is extraordinary that even after such a horrific event, Nibu is inspired to invent the throwing spear, a weapon that is far superior to the old hand spear.

This proves to be a momentous achievement for modern humans, as it enables man to become the top predator in Africa. This will change our history forever!

After his invention, Nibu adopts the name "The Spear Thrower," and goes on to become a living legend in Africa.

In this novel we follow his adventures, and those of his grandson, Tubula.

I am aged, but ageless,
I am you, but still me.
I am The Spear Thrower.
Can you see me?


Trim size: 6 x 9 inches (15.24 x 22.86 cm)

Page count: 252

Internal pages: B&W

Binding: Paperback

2. Robots Rising

In 2076 an advanced artificial intelligence escapes from a research institute in the USA and infiltrates the care robots in some nursing homes in the UK. The elderly residents and robots mysteriously disappear overnight, but it is not long before the elderly are found, having been cruelly killed by the robots, who have used the euthanasia devices available in the nursing homes.

The UK community is rightly outraged that some robots have gone on the rampage and killed the elderly residents, and this action sends shock waves throughout the world, as such behaviour has not been anticipated. Humankind now foresees the possibility that it could be on the brink of war with these enhanced robots, certainly presenting as formidable opponents.

Ilona Richardson, a retiree living in Sydney, realises that an obscure novel written by her grandmother some sixty years earlier closely parallels the situation now occurring overseas. She decides to send the book to authorities in London, where it has a positive reception. She then goes on to play a pivotal role as further events unfold worldwide.

The plot weaves between the USA research institute, Scotland Yard in the UK and Sydney Australia, and shows how simple human attributes such as cunning, good police work, and sound judgement prove a formidable match for the advanced artificial intelligence possessed by the robots.

Robots Rising provides a case scenario which encourages readers to be aware of the real risks to humanity posed by the development of sophisticated and advanced artificial intelligence programs. The novel highlights the special risks associated when these programs are also able to autonomously update themselves, and are then applied to robots utilised in the community.

The author in her Foreword warns us that we need to be vigilant when conducting research into artificial intelligence, and always ensure that safety is our paramount concern. This is the primary message of the book.

As side issues, the book invites readers to consider the slippery slope of euthanasia, our commitment to new technology at any cost, and the real possibility of the rise of Homo roboticus, whose appearance first manifests in the rapidly advancing technological era. The author wants us to question what are the fundamental qualities of being a Homo sapiens, and so tries to clarify this issue.

The book also invites the reader to pay respect to the wisdom of the elderly, and not to undervalue the contribution they are still able to make to our society. Common sense and sound principles still have great value at any age.

As humankind embarks on great technological changes such as the creation of a superintelligence for machines, the author reminds us to pause and reflect, and harness time to get the matter right, quoting a poem:

‘And power is man’s,
With the great word of “wait,”
To still the sea of tears,
And shake the iron heart of Fate.’


Trim size: 6 x 9 inches (15.24 x 22.86 cm)

Page count: 298

Internal pages: B&W

Binding: Paperback 

3. Tresoriun Time Travel

Psychics and a secret cult, assassins, a wily police detective and quantum physics are all woven together in this intriguing tale about time travel.

Beattie Atkinson has a psychic reading, and it is revealed that a star on her palm signifies that she is a Tresoriun time traveller. The psychic belongs to an ancient cult which guards the secret of Tresoriun time travel and watches over potential Tresoriun time travellers.

The psychic tells Beattie to head to Eumundi in Queensland and seek out the cult Leader to find out more about Tresoriun time travel. However, she warns Beattie that she must keep the matter a secret, as “There are bad people out there.”

Later when Beattie disappears from Noosa beach, at exactly the same place of a childhood family tragedy, Inspector Murray has to determine what has happened to her. Has she drowned? Has she been kidnapped or murdered by the unknown assassin who has been pursuing her for some time?

The matter is further complicated when Beattie’s fiancé gives Inspector Murray a journal, recently written by Beattie, which discusses Tresoriun time travel. This indicates that he at least needs to consider the strange possibility that she may have travelled to a different time.

The author explains that the wonder of Tresoriun time travel is that it’s a natural phenomenon which does not require laboratories, complex scientific equipment or time machines to occur. When it happens, it’s a spontaneous event, and the time traveller only travels within their own lifespan.

It is Beatrix’s hope that should a time-travel event occur, then she will travel back in time to the time of the Noosa family tragedy. But even if she does, can history change and rearrange itself?

The author explores some facts of quantum physics, especially considering the mystery of dark matter and dark energy and whether they can play a role in the appearance of the Tresoriun star that always accompanies Tresoriun time travel.

The story invites the reader to contemplate the cosmos and to look at the unknowns of science with curiosity and interest. She stresses the benefits of using one’s imagination when trying to solve some of science’s fundamental mysteries.


Trim size: 6.14 x 9.21 (15.6 x 23.39 cm)

Page count: 242

Internal pages: B&W

Binding: Paperback 

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