The Distant Kingdoms Volume Fifteen: A High-Placed Treachery by David A. Petersen

The Distant Kingdoms Volume Fifteen: A High-Placed Treachery by David A. Petersen

David A Petersen

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The Distant Kingdoms Volume Fifteen:

A High-Placed Treachery

David A. Petersen

EMPEROR ENTELL THELLON -The reigning monarch of the Azzil Territories.

EMPRESS DARA THELLON -The Emperor’s spouse and second most powerful person in the Azzil Territories.

THE IMPERIAL PALACE - The capital city of the Azzil Territories.

The Emperor of the Azzil Territories and his wife, Empress Dara Thellon have apparently settled in their new lives as the reigning monarchs of fully one half of the main continent of the world of Perencore. However, unbeknown to the Emperor something is greatly amiss in the capital city. The main issue only appears at first to be a series of moderately unusual incidents. These events continue to increase in regularity and severity until Entell Thellon himself is placed in great jeopardy and by a surprising source.

In the meantime his Royal Majesty and the Emperor’s father, Entell Thellon the Third has gathered the remnants of the mighty army that recently took the city in the conflict between the two main powers of the planet. Now that everything is functioning at an optimum proficiency - and very much to the king’s satisfaction, he is determined to leave not only the main city, but the entirety of the Azzil Territories. After bidding his eldest son a fond goodbye, the king leads his people from Terrimorter, never to return.

During these undertakings, the people responsible for the death of a great menace to the north of the country have commandeered the Self-Contained All Terrain Transport – or SCATT and are in the process of returning to the capital city, quite unaware that they are stepping straight into a trap set up by a great many of Terrimorter’s citizens in an attempt to wrest authority from its rightful monarch. They have to deal with their own issues, including various internal disputes amongst those occupying the futuristic vehicle. On arriving at the city they are further confronted with a great many issues and conflicts that could see their lives lost as two powerful factions battle for control of the entirety of the Azzil Territories.

Published: 2020

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