The Distant Kingdoms Volume Fourteen: Dragonesque by David A. Petersen

The Distant Kingdoms Volume Fourteen: Dragonesque by David A. Petersen

David A Petersen

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The Distant Kingdoms Volume Fourteen:


David A. Petersen

INNOLIN –The main naval base of the Azzil Territories.

GENERAL HERRIC SAMORA – The ultimate commanding officer of the Armed Forces of the Azzil Territories.


Something has happened to the city of Innolin. The main naval base of the Azzil Territories’ northern coastline has seemingly become a ghost town. No word of information emerges from the city nor the surrounding area. To discover just what has occurred to the seaside metropolis, the new leader of the Territories, Emperor Entell Thellon, son of the king of the Hamaforth Kingdoms, has ordered an exploratory expedition to journey north to investigate the matter to the best of their ability. Amongst the people set this task are the former Lord Protector Thellic, a number of other Dearnian guards, Gary Wyndham and his crew, Carl Buchanan, Sean Corrigin, the Appor tribe members, Zer-Qil-Ard and Vac-No-Var. Also in their company is the British squad under the command of Walter Bradshaw. They are also joined by an army of about eight hundred members of the local military.

Unfortunately they are immediately beset by foul weather, causing the entire expedition to stall for a great deal of time. Once the rains clear the army travels ever on towards the northern coastline while also in search of an object near a remote village that may be a large plane hopefully holding a vast supply of aviation fuel for Gary Wyndham’s Iroquois.

During their travels they are met by the remnants of a once mighty military presence, led by General Herric Samora that was almost completely destroyed by some unknown force. The leader of the second group takes command of the entire formation in a combined effort to reach the northern city and finally stamp out a menace that could easily bring annihilation to the peoples of not only the Azzil Territories, but the entire continent.

The battalion eventually breaks into two groups with one heading to the location of the large aircraft while the other continues on their ultimate destination. On reaching a seaside village, it is discovered that the mysterious object on the beach is indeed a passenger jet transferred across from Earth during the activation of the Minerva Project. After refuelling the helicopter, Wyndham and his crew fly on towards the nearby city only to suffer a devastating engine failure.

In the meantime, Carl Buchanan is leading the rest of their company along a seaside road from the village to Innolin in an effort to meet up with the main battalion. Unbeknown to him, the General has already arrived at the northern naval base where they discover it has indeed been devastated by a great beast. While rounding up a handful of survivors of the recent disaster, the creature makes an appearance, leading to a major battle throughout the ruins of the city.

Published: 2020

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