The Distant Kingdoms Volume Seventeen: The Forms of Chaos by David A. Petersen

The Distant Kingdoms Volume Seventeen: The Forms of Chaos by David A. Petersen

David A Petersen

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The Distant Kingdoms Volume Seventeen: The Forms of Chaos 

David A. Petersen

Lord Thellic - The new reigning monarch of the nation of Dearnia
General Arrish Marn - Once retired from active duty, now reinstated to investigate a great mystery in Terrimorter.
Carous - The small country town in Phornimiren where Immir Hanis met his wife- to-be, Lorraine Montague.

The peace that once reigned across the world of Perencore has now been shattered by many mysterious disasters which unfold across the entire planet. No one can find any reasons behind the unworldly attacks that happen as if by chance, leaving few witnesses and very little evidence as to the cause of such wanton destruction. Despite a combined effort by many inhabitants of the major cities, the increasingly brazen assaults continue unimpeded, leaving vast devastation and thousands of innocent people dead.

In Phornimiren, Immir Hanis and Lorraine Hanis have arrived to investigate the mysterious events involving the Minerva Project. They travel to the town of Carous, encountering a number of threats to their mission. After dealing with the mainframe of the disastrous science experiment an even greater disaster befalls them.

Dale Johnstone continues his self-imposed exile in the mythical island nation of Valouras. Despite never wishing to be involved in any further violence involving the research vessel the SCATT- Self Contained All Terrain Transport, events begin to slowly, but surely spiral out of control until no other choice is left to him.

Ernest and Edith Bonaparte are still trying to deal with the terrible tragedy that has engulfed their lives. With the help of family and friends, they gradually begin to come to terms with their grief. Although, nothing in their lives will ever be the same again.

Their Royal Majesties, Entell Thellon and Sinar Thellon continue to administer a balanced reign over the Hamaforth Kingdoms, despite having to deal with a great many issues. Victor Chan still works within the main hospital in the city of Valderhien and has managed to greatly improve conditions throughout the medical system.

The recently promoted Lord Thellic has taken his family across to the city of Fellan Port to begin his rule of the nation of Dearnia. Banisor is already in place in the regional palace, acting as the Chief Dearnian guard. Their lives are drastically overtaken by a disaster of monumental proportions that claims many lives and leaves the city in ruins. Vows are taken to discover the identity of the perpetrators of this disgraceful crime and bring them to justice.

Now that Lady Pira Laninval has rid herself of an abusive spouse and his treasonous relatives, she is free to reign over Porra without further distractions. Colin Bourke is still living under the cloud of having permitted his twin daughters to play games of chance in their mother’s private gaming house. Jenrin Hul has still not quite forgiven him for that unbelievable lapse in judgement.

In the Azzil Territories, within the mighty walls of Terrimorter, events have taken a malevolent turn. A mysterious business consortium is attempting to take control of most of the businesses and other such establishments in the city. These business people are not what they first appear to be and soon a great and terrible violence overtakes the metropolis. During the onslaught of violence, Walter Bradshaw and his squad, along with Sean Corrigin, suffer a devastating tragedy of their own.

In the meantime, Carl Buchanan, Connie York and the former Confederate soldiers plan a business venture that also involves Gary Wyndham; his crew; and the Appor tribe led by Sil-Ta-Dan and Kurt Limmen. Their combined forces will soon prove to be inadequate to prevent their own misfortunes that threaten to derail the entire business plan.

And high overhead, an astonishing threat prepares to attack the planet and assail all human life on it.

Published: 2022

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