The Distant Kingdoms Volume Thirteen: A Silence Follows the Dawn by David A. Petersen

The Distant Kingdoms Volume Thirteen: A Silence Follows the Dawn by David A. Petersen

David A Petersen

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The Distant Kingdoms Volume Thirteen:

A Silence Follows the Dawn

David A. Petersen

TERRIMORTER –The capital city of the Azzil Territories.

VALDERHIEN – The capital city of the Hamaforth Kingdoms.

XEROUS CITY – The capital city of the nation of Porra.

THE CITADEL – The capital of the landmass of Sesquain.

VARMORTH – The capital city of the domain of Blurican

ARRANMIN – The capital city of the realm of Phornimiren

Peace now reigns across the entire continent from the eastern seaboard of the Hamaforth Kingdoms to the landmass of Sesquain. Unfortunately, this appearance of peace is very misleading, and the populations of the various countries still face many dangers.

In the Azzil Territories Emperor Entell Thellon and his spouse, the Empress Dara Thellon are getting used to married life as well as their duties ruling the entirety of the Azzil Territories. Also, the population of the Azzil Territories learns to adjust their views and behaviour to fit in with these new monarchs – who certainly are not in the same ilk as Ruler Jom Azzer and his Empress Dearer Azzer.

Another event taking place within the great walled city is the marriage of Lorraine Montague and the Rider, Immir Hanis. Both participants in the upcoming ceremony only wish for a quiet event in which to declare their love for one another. Unfortunately, someone else has different plans in store.

In Xerous, Colin Bourke’s unofficial partner, Jenrin Hul, is coming to terms with her pregnancy – and failing in abject misery.

Colonel Ferran Cintras arrives with his battalion, having left Terrimorter a short while ago. The senior officer is intent on reaching distant Valderhien and promptly handing in his resignation from the armed forces. Ernest Bonaparte is also with the returning military company and is thrilled to be back at Xerous City, right up until he discovers Lieutenant Colonel Inlo Ricc’s secret, a secret he simply does not comprehend.

In the northern city of Varmorth, Major Terret Unerby and a number of leaders of the now defunct Freedom Brigade are to be sworn in as acting members of the nation’s Board of Government. The former Intret Legion officer, Pallinar is to act in the Queen’s place while a recently liberated slave, Inon Larissa, is to be the Emperor’s representative. Unfortunately, events take a turn for the worse when another inductee to the board, Viscount Errick Weer, who may hold more ‘traditional’ values, incites Pallinar into a duel which leads her to being badly injured and facing the very real possibility of being replaced as the Hamaforth Kingdoms’ ambassador.

Over at The Citadel in the vast expanse of Sesquain, the Ninth Legion’s ultimate commander, Titus Annius, is in the process of moving the communication system’s main module over to the fortified town where it will be safe from any interference. Thankfully, the threat of the cannibalistic Kell has been eradicated – or so the local population believes.

Lady Paura Inbet and her new husband, Irowan Inbet, are still coming to terms with their marriage in the Royal palace in the city of Valderhien. Much to everyone’s great concern, the former reigning monarch Entell Thellon the Second does not have long to live. Time has eventually caught up with the elderly monarch and his family can only gather by his bedside in order to witness his final moments on the world of Perencore.

In the country of Phornimiren, the leader of the Appor tribe, Sil-Ta-Dan and a couple of her companions are scouring the forest for any signs of the flesh eating creatures that may have survived the fiery apocalypse of the skyscraper which they were using as a breeding colony. Unfortunately, the hunting party is attacked and she is injured by the Wenris-Wer. The other Apporans take her back to the village only to discover a small army under the guidance of Ambassador Quiton Deck and Lord Annus Perorn.

Only through their determination of character, and combining their forces, do the peoples of these various nations conquer these ever-present evils.

Published ; 2019

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