Family Recollections by Kerin Mosher

Kerin Mosher

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Family Recollections: A conversation between mother, Imelda Mosher (nee Henderson) and her daughter, Kerin

Kerin Mosher

Time marches on and family history dissolves unless it is documented. The lengthy COVID lockdowns in Melbourne gave me the gift of time to record, in very different ways, my maternal and paternal family history. Quite by chance, both families were first white settlers. My mother’s family line traces back to Dr Arndell, a surgeon on the First Fleet, while my father’s family stems from John Howland, a pilgrim on the Mayflower.

By coincidence rather than initial interest, I became the keeper and connector of all the family history. Fortunately I had the foresight to record Mum’s life story before she died and that became the basis of Family Recollections. Because of the discrepancies between her verbal account and the information at hand today, I chose to write in conversation form, showing both sides of the same story. My aim was to pass on our family history to my grandchildren who are dual citizens of Australia and America. I began with the arrival of the First Fleet and wove in our ancestors from settlement, through the struggles of early family life, The Great Depression, World War II, the aftermath and eventually finishing with my mother’s death in 2010.


Published: 2022

Trim size: A4 - 8.27  x 11.7 (21.0 x 29.7 cm) 

Page count: 138

Internal pages: Full colour

Binding: Paperback only


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