Science in the Real World by Alan McGown

Alan McGown

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Science in the Real World: A simplified story of how technology using chemistry and physics is used in the real world of industry

Alan McGown

This is a book for secondary school students in years 7 to 10 and is intended to show the readers that there are many applications of science in industry.

Whether you already have an interest in Science or are not sure what Science is, then this book is designed to show you in a simplified way, how science is used in the real world.

This book does not compete with existing texts, but aims to give students a few examples of how science is used in industry. This book is deliberately short and leaves out a lot of detail so that teenage readers will not turn off in the first few pages.

Students in year 6 will also be interested, so that by reading or skimming through this book they may become interested in Science before they need to make important subject choices in year 7.

The industrial processes are described in only just enough detail to understand the principles involved. One important principle readers will get from this book, is that a process can be simple in basis but will always be more complicated in practice. Many diagrams and photos are included to simply explain the processes.

The aim of this book is to try to generate a greater interest in science amongst students, with the hope that more may choose to study science. Students need to know that Science is not all theoretical mumbo jumbo for which one cannot see any real use, but can actually be interesting, and that a study which includes science will help the readers achieve employment in the future.

Review by Denise Bailey – Science Coordinator at Penrith Christian School, Penrith New South Wales, Australia “Overall I think this is an excellent teachers resource book. The information is clearly presented and the content covers a wide variety of grade levels and current syllabus.

The practical application of science in the real world is important and adds depth to the teaching of science at any year level.

Thank you for sending me this book to review. I have learnt a great deal and enjoyed reading it."


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