Your Roadmap to Sales Management Success by Wayne Moloney

Wayne Moloney

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Your Roadmap to Sales Management Success

Wayne Moloney

Your Roadmap to Sales Management Success takes you on an invigorating learning journey through the 10 essential roles where high performance sales managers excel. Author, Wayne Moloney has distilled three decades of his top-tier experience in sales, sales training, marketing and business development in this guide for new sales managers, small business owners responsible for the sales management function and sales managers who want to improve their skills.

Our modern world is distinctly customer-driven; and salespeople are challenged to find new ways to engage and retain far more knowledgeable, and increasingly flighty customers who have never been more spoilt for choice. It’s up to the Sales Manager to lead their team as they grapple with changing roles, as well as different rules and modes of engagement; all the while ensuring that they also deliver the sales that drive business growth and profit.

In this first book of the Business Roadmap series, Wayne takes on the role of a trusted mentor guiding you to develop the planning and operational capabilities, as well as the coaching and leadership skills needed to properly support and manage a thriving sales team. You’ll discover what a Sales Manager needs to do to stay abreast of the rapid changes across all markets as technology improves, but will be reminded that the way we build trusted, long-term relationships doesn’t change.

With the confidence and passion of someone who has walked the road to successful sales management himself, Wayne enables you to:

  • gain in-depth insights so that you fully understand the key roles of the sales manager
  • reflect on and recognize the ways in which your own interpersonal abilities, styles and attitudes impact on others
  • access the latest expertise offered by effective sales management training
  • make use of valuable, practical business tools that ensure a well-managed sales process
  • develop yourself as the successful leader of a high performance sales team.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have access to an excellent mentor when they need one. This book is designed to be the next best thing – a precise and motivational roadmap, full of relevant, tried and tested advice, insights and ideas, expertise and tools that you can use to put yourself on the road to successful sales management.


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