About us

The MoshShop is an outlet for physical books published by MoshPit Publishing and IndieMosh

We only publish Australian authors, and so only retail to Australian buyers. 

Most of these books are print on demand, unless specified otherwise, in keeping with our aim to use as few trees as we have to when helping our authors to 'get their word out there'.

Our books are generally also released as ebooks which can be bought as Kindle ebooks from Amazon or as non-Kindle ebooks for Apple and Android via Smashwords, and the relative apps for Apple's iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, Kobo etc.

The MoshShop is a brand of Mosher's Business Support, ABN 48 126 885 309.

All prices include GST and standard shipping within Australia.

About self publishing in Australia

If you're an Australian author looking to self publish, then check out our IndieMosh site to see if we're a good match for what you're aiming at.

If you want to know more about self publishing in Australia, then consider grabbing a copy of Self publishing for Australian authors.

Trade and library enquiries

If you own a shop (online or bricks and mortar), or buy for a library, you'll find that most of our books are available wholesale via Ingram and/or CreateSpace Direct

If the book you're looking for is not available from either platform, or you don't have an account with either platform, please feel free to contact us for alternative purchase options. Please note that for a wholesale discount you will need to supply your ABN.