Downloading your ebook to your device or app

When you buy an ebook from The MoshShop, you'll be supplied with a download link to access the file. 

Due to the huge variety of ereading devices and apps, we're unable to provide much in the way of help as to how downloading and reading works, but we can help with a few basics:

Which ebook format should I buy?

If you prefer to read on a Kindle, or using the Kindle app on your phone or tablet, then order the MOBI file.

If you use Apple’s iBooks app on your iPhone or iPad, then you should order the EPUB format.

If you use any other form of ebook reading app on your Android phone or tablet, then order the EPUB format.

What happens after I buy the ebook?

MOBI format

If you buy the MOBI version for Kindle, then you’ll need to open your Kindle or your Kindle app, and look under Settings for your ‘Mail to Kindle’ email address. (The email address on your physical Kindle may be different to the one on your Kindle app.)

When you find that email address, copy it and go to your email program and open a new email. Paste the ‘Mail to Kindle’ address in the To line. Then using the paperclip icon, look for the MOBI file you downloaded and attach it to your email, then send the email to your Kindle/Kindle app.

Open your Kindle or Kindle app and your new book should appear after a few moments. You may need to tell your Kindle to sync.

EPUB format

If you buy the EPUB version via an iPhone or iPad, your device should give you the option to open the book in your iBooks app when you download it.

If you buy the EPUB version via an Android phone or tablet, you’ll need to refer to your phone or tablet maker’s instructions and/or the instructions for the ebook-reading app you use on that phone or tablet.

Sorry we can't be much more helpful than that, but hopefully that's enough to help you get reading!

If in doubt

If you're not sure how to download and read the ebook from The MoshShop, then we recommend searching for the ebook version on iBooks/iTunes or Amazon or your favourite ebook retailer's app - that way if you can buy the ebook where you normally buy ebooks, it should open in your regular ebook-reading app or device without any issues.