Angels of the Morning by Judith C Deane-Freeman

Angels of the Morning by Judith C Deane-Freeman

Judith C Deane-Freeman

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Angels of the Morning

Judith C Deane-Freeman

This is a story about family and relationships; it is a love story and a murder mystery, set against a backdrop of the Australian landscape and imbued with a sense of place.

When a body is found in a lake, soon-to-be retired Detective Sergeant Ben Phelps is called to investigate. The victim is found to have been murdered twenty-five years earlier, and when retrieved DNA is linked to registered nurse Misty Dawn Finch, her life is turned upside down. As she questions her place in the family in which she grew up, relationships are challenged. She and her sister Romy provide the central focus of the story as they come to terms with the implications of the identity of the body in the lake.

As the detective closes in on the one person who he hopes knows the truth, he is tormented by memories from the past. His investigation takes him not only to the heart of Australia, but back over forty years in time, to a case that involved the possible perpetrator of his current investigation. It is not until Ben finds himself in one of the most remote parts of the country that he is able to make peace with himself and find the answers he seeks.

Misty Dawn fears that her journey of self-discovery threatens the very things that matter most, until finally, old loves are transformed and lost family is reclaimed.

Published: 2020

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