Bowl 13 - Hollywood Bowl by Jenny Mosher

Bowl 13 **Price includes shipping within Australia**
  • $89.95

Hollywood Bowl celebrates the Golden Years of Hollywood with black and white pictures of the stars of yesteryear - both remembered and long forgotten. 

The bowl was inspired by and made from images cut from an old book my husband was throwing out - The Best Picture Oscar Winners - which was published last century, in 1971. (Isn't that scary, that 1971 is sooooo long ago now?!)

Bowl 13 - Hollywood Bowl by Jenny Mosher


Bowl 13 - Hollywood Bowl  details:

Diameter: 28.5 - 29 cm (like Bowls 11 and 12, this is one of the most evenly round bowls I have made to date)

Height: 6.2 cm

Weight: 94 gms (0.094 kg)

Price includes shipping within Australia.


This series of papier mache bowls is created from self-supporting papier mache, bar the base which has been strengthened with a piece of recycled corrugated cardboard.

All bowls are made from a combination of recycled office and other paper, and some contain new paper for decorative purposes. The occasional bowl will also incorporate other media such as beads etc. The bowls are created using PVA glue and/or Bondcrete and are sealed with at least three coats of Cabot's Benchtop Clear food safe varnish.

Each bowl is unique.

The bowls are decorative only - while they are sealed and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, they should not be immersed in any liquid, nor should they be placed in the dishwasher, oven or microwave.

While they've been sealed with a food safe varnish, I don't recommend using them as a storage bowl for fruit where the skin is intended to be eaten e.g. plums, apples, grapes etc. Thicker skin which will be peeled should be okay e.g. oranges, bananas, rockmelon etc.

No bowl is completely round, nor completely flat. While the structure starts off reasonably straight, it slowly takes on its own dents and warps as it grows.