Bride of the City by J.L. Heylen

J.L. Heylen

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Bride of the City

J.L. Heylen

A teaser prequel to the 'Wisdom' Series that begins with 'Wisdom Beyond Her Years'.

The year is 2149 and Carla, dressed in white, is getting ready for her graduation to the position of Elite in the post-apocalyptic New Sydney City. 

No different to any other 19 year old learning to navigate their way in a new workplace, Carla has to figure out who she should or shouldn't sleep with, understand the Machiavellian politics of those around her, and watch her back as she navigates life in this futuristic, underground society.

Carla is understandably excited. She has no idea of the dangers that await her - dangers that could threaten the mind and abilities she takes such pride in.

This short story from speculative fiction and steampunk writer J-L Heylen is a prequel to the novel Wisdom Beyond Her Years which takes place 60 years after Carla's graduation.

Published: 2012

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