Echoes of the Past by Lesley J Mooney

Lesley J Mooney

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Echoes of the Past

Lesley J Mooney

Echoes of the Past is a collection of poems recording the life story and observations of Australian author Lesley J Mooney across the years 1943 to 1954 - from the age of fifteen until just after her marriage.

The collection, written around 1988, starts with Lesley's memories of her time working on outback stations in Western Australia, through her work experiences in places like Darwin and Sydney, before she headed back to Perth and then finally settled in Queensland.

Her poetry is about life, love, family, the land, its people, plants and wildlife, and is infused with humour, warmth and a healthy dose of reality. Previously incorporated across a number of unpublished books in Lesley's Fragments of the Mind collection, these poems will enlighten the reader about this great brown land of ours and the way people lived on it in times past.


Published: 2021

Trim size: 8 x 10 (20.32 x 25.40 cm)

Page count: 110 

Internal pages: B&W 

Binding: Paperback 

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