Eliyahu's Mistress by Roger Mendelson

Eliyahu's Mistress by Roger Mendelson

Roger Mendelson

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Eliyahu's Mistress

Roger Mendelson

The slowly evolving story of Francis, who is contented, middle-aged and lives in the hills outside Melbourne, Australia.

Francis is an active Catholic, loves her balanced life, revels in nature, the seasons and enjoys her own company, shared with her dog and guided by her guardian angel.

Through work, she meets Steven, a younger urbane, married marketing man and as they get to know each other, they learn more about themselves.

He is Jewish but not very religious and leads a frantic, restless, non-contemplative urban lifestyle.

A friendship develops and then becomes something more.

The pace quickens and leads to a climactic and redemptive finish.

An uncluttered, satisfying story which traverses religion, morality, the sexual awakening of a middle-aged woman and the power of spirituality.

Published: 2018

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