Enmeshed: Book 3 of the Wisdom series by J.L. Heylen

J.L. Heylen

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Enmeshed: Book 3 of the Wisdom series

J.L. Heylen

In this, the third and final book in the Wisdom series, Carla and Ariel are back in New Sydney, beating the odds (and each other), trying to cope with reconciliation tribunals, a newly organised free press, and several inexplicable events that are causing death and disruption for no apparent reason.

When refugees from an island across the sea land on their doorstep things get even more harrowing for the couple and their friends from Canberra and Real Eden.

Resources are short already and the refugees threaten to make them even scarcer. But when the visitor’s hostile government turns its sights on New Sydney, Carla and Ariel are thrown into an impossible and dangerous situation.

Please note: this book contains adult themes, occasional coarse language, kink and lesbian sex scenes that some readers may find confronting, and possible psychological triggers. 

Published: 2017


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