Gracefully Ordinary by Deb Dare

Deb Dare

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Gracefully Ordinary

Deb Dare

Gracefully Ordinary is deb dare's less than ordinary take on life, from beginning to end.

All songs are the copyright of deb except 'Their Island Home' which is copyright deb dare and Louise Robards.

While deb provided main vocals and guitar, she was accompanied by:

  • Vocal harmonies: Louise Robars, Matthew Mirabito and Clive McArthur
  • Guitar: Clive McArthur and John Stuart
  • Slide guitar: John Stuart
  • Synthesiser: John Stuart
  • Darabuka, Frame Drum and Wind Instruments: Andy Busuttil
  • Piano: Matthew Mirabito and Mark Raue
  • Tenor Saxophone: Mark Holder - Keeping
  • Island Choir: Vave Meleisea and Annie, Nancy, Sam and Veronica Crichton

Tracks were recorded by:

  • Andy Busuttil- Blue Mountains Sound Studios
  • John Stuart - Sound Heaven Studios
  • Adam Jordan and Robbie Specogna - Main Street Studios
  • Clive McArthur - emca Studios

The music was mixed and mastered by Andy Busuttil of Blue Mountain Sound Studios.

Cover photography was provided by Tracey Calligari and Tilly Elderfield.

Cover and label layout by Ally Mosher of IndieMosh.

deb acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of our land and recognises Elders past and present.

Track listing for Gracefully Ordinary

  1. Gracefully Ordinary
  2. My Friend Ted
  3. Waters Do Rise
  4. Origins of Love
  5. Walk a Little Easier
  6. Crazy
  7. Circles
  8. So So Lost
  9. Their Island Home
  10. I Don't Know Why
  11. Protect Our Children
  12. Tiny Angel Wings
  13. Grandmother
  14. Jenny's Back in Town
  15. Be My Voice

Run time: 60 minutes