The Hereafter and Supernatural by Dr Stuart R. Rolls, PhD

Dr Stuart R. Rolls, PhD

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The Hereafter and Supernatural 

Dr Stuart R. Rolls, PhD

Dr Rolls’ (Stuart’s) first psycho-spiritual book was Ghosts E.S.P. and Psychology, and his My Psychic Experiences, U.K., NZ & Australia was hardly in need of critique. It was so knowledgeable, also beautifully auto biographical, sincere and heartfelt. That first edition was followed by its second edition, re-named Afterlife; My Amazing Two-way Contacts with (in UK, NZ & Australia).

Now he has produced this all-encompassing masterpiece The Hereafter and Supernatural so warmly for readers generally but it is scholarly enough to reach the highest intellect. The remarkable fifteen chapter headings and epilogue note the book’s entire sweep, ranging the whole psycho-spiritual spectrum. Where else in one book would you find researching the past, present and future paranormally and harnessing a ‘now consciousness’, ‘spiritual gifts’ and one’s own transcendence?

Stuart feels equally at home with Einstein and quantum science generally, in quoting ‘all is in flux’ (never mind time!). These are not only manifest universes where constant material change seems the evolutionary keynote but where we ourselves spiritually/psychically live on and on in spirit, to fully evolve into our higher selves, eternally. No quarrel with religion this – or even science – for quantum thinking notes a certain telepathy between particles of matter.

Organisations, too, like The Churches Fellowship for Psychic and Spiritual Studies – open to sciences of the paranormal/parapsychological – peacefully bring on dogma free space-age, after-life thinking, for all humanity. Adventure now with Dr Rolls (Stuart) – do!


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