Lifeboat 7 by Stephen Studach

Lifeboat 7 by Stephen Studach

Stephen Studach

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Lifeboat 7

Stephen Studach

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It is 1939 and, in an escalating climate of world war, an ocean liner is sunk in the Atlantic by what some of the survivors will believe was a German torpedo attack.

After the sinking and a storm at sea the story focuses on one group: three women, one boy and nine men. Those aboard lifeboat 7.

Though the situation of the varied group is precarious, they are at least lodged in a seaworthy craft, equipped with a goodly amount of rations, and have four ship’s men as part of their number.

But those aboard the ill-fated lifeboat will gradually find that they have more than the elements and the limits of their stores, resilience and adaptability to imperil them.

For there is another, initially unseen, foe close by them which will prove their greatest threat. A sadistic, merciless and disturbingly aware life form that lurks in the pervasive element of the water. A devil in the deep blue sea.

It starts with an uncanny sea mist and a body drifting face down in the water…

Then, two of the boat’s survivors disappear…

Soon the fearsome horror from the sea begins its campaign of terror and brutal butchery in earnest.

In sudden, horrific and bizarre attacks the attrition rate steadily rises as the devil claims its due, one by one, from the terrified, all but defenceless compliment of the boat.

Horror, madness, bloody violence and desperate acts of survival ensue.

The tormented passengers are privy only to the furthest black extremities of that which stalks and reaps them; swift, hideously strong tentacles that soon represent inescapable, inevitable pain and destruction to those on board.

Their unknown enemy is also perverse in the extreme, cruel and cunning. The dwindling group must pit themselves against a monstrous and unearthly torturer, that can even invade the very minds of those it threatens. Its glistening tentacles prove to be the merest tips of an ebon iceberg of terror.

Published: 2013

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