Mother Nature Reincarnated by Robyn L. Taylor

Mother Nature Reincarnated by Robyn L. Taylor

Robyn L. Taylor

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Mother Nature Reincarnated

Robyn L. Taylor

The story you are about to read is a fictional tale that I have predicted to be the possible future of our lives and our Earth, as humanity continues to take the natural environment for granted. Pollution, global warming and climate change have continued to devastate our planet, and guess who is to blame for our decreasing water resources? Our increasing humidity and heat? Our loss of beautiful and unique natural habitats? Our loss of beautiful and unique species of flora and fauna? Our depleting natural ecosystems and acidification of waterways? Humanity. That is your answer.

I bet you didn’t know that humans were the only species on Earth that consciously acts out in selfish deeds for the benefit of themselves, often at times without any guilt or remorse for the outcome of their actions. However, even though humanity is to blame for the Earth dying in many ways, there are those amongst the takers of the world whose sole purpose and heart are focused on conserving and protecting the natural environments of the Earth. This story reaches out to those who fight for the planets survival. Let the energy from Mother Nature flow through your mind as you get pulled into the lives of those who are thrown together and intertwined to make this fictionally predicted future come to life.

Published: 2018

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