narratorAUSTRALIA Volume Four by narrator

narratorAUSTRALIA Volume Four by narrator

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narratorAUSTRALIA Volume Four


narratorAUSTRALIA Volume Four is a collection of more than 180 poems and short stories from 75 emerging and established Australian writers which were published on the narratorAUSTRALIA blog during the period 1 November 2013 to 31 May 2104.

Contributors are:

Kylie Abecca, Stephanie Adamopoulos, AA Anderson, David Anderson, Sophie Andritsos, Eulyce Arkleysmith, John Arvan, Hettie Ashwin, Irene Assumpter, Alyssa Boorman, Judith Bruton, Bryson, Jean Bundesen, Shirley Burgess, Linda Callaghan, Robyn Chaffey, Robert Chancer, James Craib, Julitha De La Force, Demelza, Arthur Derek, Rebecca Dodd, Bob Edgar, Samantha Elliot-Halls, Fantail, Mark Fowler, Virginia Gow, Dee Dee Graham, Garry Harris, Jason Hawkins, Andris Heks, Corrie Hinschen, Connie Howell, Paul Humphreys, Judy Iliffe, David Jenkins, Joanna Jensen, Henry Johnston, Dianne Johnstone, Susan Kay, Crystal Lee, Simon Lenthen, Ramon Loyola, Felicity Lynch, JH Mancy, Julie Martin-Lock, Evelyn MD, David Newman, Judy J Newman, Greg Parker, Amily Jean Parr, Toni Paton, Joanna Rain, RL, Robertas, John Ross, Madeline Ross, Jane Russell, Stephen Russell, Lorraine Sanderson, Anneliese Senn, Emma-Lee Scott, Winsome Smith, Jessica Soul, Graham Sparks, Spiller, Craig Stanton, Sunrise, Gregory Tome, Wendy Vitols, Kate-Michelle Von Riegen, Vickie Walker, Ann Whitehead, Gareth Johnny P Williams, Ruth Withers.


Trim size: 7.4 x 9.7 inches (18.796 x 24.638 cm)

Page count: 508

Internal pages: B&W

Binding: Paperback




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