Our Society, Our Planet by George Thomas

Our Society, Our Planet by George Thomas

George Thomas

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Our Society, Our Planet

George Thomas

This book “OUR SOCIETY - OUR PLANET - OUR FUTURE” is not necessarily a story that needs to be read from beginning to end; the reader can choose to go to any chapter of interest at any time.

This book explores deep concerns about the future of our societies on this 'our' planet.

It is about the injustices and, in some cases, the criminal behaviour of small groups of people who have the power and economic might to influence governments and other institutions to leave legal possibilities open for them to behave and do the things their way with hardly any restrictions.

In amongst all the real ‘good’ that undoubtedly exists specially in the developed countries there is, regrettably, a little ‘bad’ and some ‘real bad’. And as always, it is so unfortunate that just a little ‘bad’ can cause such enormous damage and suffering to thousands of people right around the world. It’s like one drop of poison that can make thousands of litres of good drinking water totally undrinkable.

It is these injustices and the necessary changes to effectively and permanently improve conditions for millions of people around the world that are examined and discussed here.

Published: 2015

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