OWL Book 3 by d'ettut

OWL Book 3 by d'ettut


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OWL Book 3

The Secret Dialogues and Thoughts Dramatised


We live on a planet that is being exploited unsustainably with a very limited future and this calls for the creation of world governance to control explosive global population growth and solve the entirely unreasonable disparity of wealth caused by rampant globalisation. Equi-poligion or ‘EPL’ is an emerging ideology supported by OWL, a new political party that is being fought for by the heroes of the story.

The baseline for the plot starts in OWL One World League Books 1 and 2. This describes the creation of OWL. Its formation is coloured by the vanity and human foibles of its creator, Sebastian. He, like most with political aspiration, is a very flawed individual. After a few murders and investigations into conspiracies, which are carried out in the Congress Library in Washington, OWL evolves as a credible alternative to normal party politics. It starts in Australia and quickly spreads internationally. Sebastian is supposedly murdered by global elites at the end of Book 2.

This sequel (OWL 3) starts with the anti-hero Sebastian, coming out of a drug induced incarceration in Dubai and waking in Timor-Leste. He finds Virginia, his erstwhile business partner and part time lover (sort of) is now leading OWL.

G.G, a phenomenally powerful member of the mysterious global elites convinces Virginia to embark upon a trillion dollar venture, F4F (Forests for the Future) which will achieve some incredible outcomes. (Incredible but incidentally proven by the author in the text, with a detailed exposition to ‘wow’ the reader). The fabulous wealth created allows her to infiltrate the elites. The formula for the enterprise creates a vast public company. The shareholders are OWL members; after all it is a public company. The enterprise also allows for the massive production of oxygen and absorption of carbon dioxide, whilst simultaneously creating more than a 1000 very fertile memorial parks (of 1000 hectares each) around the world. This joint cornucopia (environmental triumph and massive wealth creation) is a game changer in world politics.

Unknown to Virginia and Sebastian, G.G. and the global elites are using OWL as a vehicle to bring a new global feudal system to the world. Virginia has similar values with respect to global governance as the only solution to global instability; but there is a fundamental difference in approach. She works toward a cyber-democracy within the tenets of the new ideology, equi-poligion. G.G. works on a selective, quick fix, hidden agenda; a nuclear cauterisation of certain geographic locations. The denouement lies in who succeeds, if anybody. At this stage it is not certain. It could be Virginia’s cyber-democracy or the elite’s feudal world. A few more murders and the result will be known.

OWL Books 1 and 2 were released as a 1 volume eBook (and as a PoD). Hyperlink footnotes were used substantially to bring explanations and credibility to the conspiracies alluded to. This book (OWL 3) assumes the reader will now be familiar with the didactic instruction from those footnotes. Nevertheless, they can still appreciate this work as a stand-alone story; perhaps becoming sufficiently curious they will wish to access the first volume.

A website has been created to bring readers closer to the reality of OWL. www.owlvoter.com


Published: 2020

Trim size: 6 x 9 (15.24 x 22.86 cm)

Page count: 350

Internal pages: B&W

Binding: Paperback


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