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OWL: One World League


What if the sinister conspiracies of the world are real? The perpetrators don’t care because public scepticism of conspiracies, supported by a nefarious press, gives a shield of invisibility to the devastating realities of the conspiracies. And so the world in general is living in denial.

What if a new political party (OWL – One World League) arises, baptised in fire and, exploiting global internet capability, unravels the conspiracies? What if this novel’s author as a narrator is part of the conspiracy? What if a hero of OWL finds out that by using a literary trick she can become a narrator also? She assails the reader’s conscience, facilitates global support through the internet, and saves the world.


Sebastian is intent upon defining his place in the world to the extent he sits in a graveyard with his, well, nearly mistress, writing the ultimate epitaph. There is a flashback to the murder of his daughter and granddaughter. Hong Kong’s Disneyworld disintegrates. He fights a dark past and the accidental death (or murder) of his wife. Virginia, the epitome of Eurasian sensuality appears. She is the focus of Sebastian’s unsuccessful seduction but she becomes a powerful ally in the dramas to unfold.

In Adelaide Sebastian unloads his frustrations to Eleanor, the patrician. She is beguiling and takes Sebastian from his advertising agency past to a new dimension in politics. All the while the omniscient narrator is setting up Sebastian. An ‘owl’ swoops through Eleanor’s drunken party and becomes a new political mascot and the eponymous name of the party.

After the successful formation of the new political movement Virginia uncovers the first conspiracy with Eleanor in the Washington Library of Congress. Apparent (but not real) terrestrial communication leads to the ‘unearthing’ of more conspiracies. Sebastian meanwhile has hallucinatory visitations imposed by the narrator. Meanwhile Eleanor is murdered tracking down the conspiracies.

Following the unravelling of the conspiracies Sebastian and Virginia visit St Deiniol’s library. There, further murders push Sebastian (and Virginia) to beef up OWL’s confronting of global conspiracies.

Sebastian and Virginia return to Australia. Four more OWL founders are murdered. Sebastian and Virginia now wish to urgently confront the conspiracies’ authors (including royal and other eminent families) and fly to England. They are arrested at Dubai, as part of a set up. It looks like the end of Sebastian and OWL.

Sebastian falls into a psychotic state. Virginia confronts the narrator’s evil plot and changes the course of history and thus saves the world (but with much more to come!).


While this prophetic story unfolds, the world’s unwitting masses are really being duped by the cruelty of the greatest conspiracy of all: the Rothschild Formula – a conspiracy that could annihilate the planet.

The reader is asked to collaborate with OWL’s characters to create a new movement, a redemptive political party for the 21st century to bring sanity and fairness to a world hell-bent on self destruction.


Published: 2020

Trim size: 6 x 9 inches (15.24 x 22.86 cm)

Page count: 318

Internal pages: B&W

Binding: Paperback

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