Partners in Time by Jane Quantrill

Jane Quantrill

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Partners in Time

Jane Quantrill

A young woman, obsessed with her newly found American Civil War ancestor, discovers her scientist neighbour invented a time transporting bracelet. She acquires it, using it to transport herself back to 1861 when the War began. There, she finally finds her ancestor, Rebel guerrilla leader William Quantrill. They fall in love, and share many adventures. Her world falls apart when his former girlfriend returns.

She takes matters into her own hands, using the time bracelet; transporting her nemesis far back in time, where the girl is subjected to one of the most terrifying fates imaginable.

When Quantrill is told of what she has done, she believes he no longer feels the same for her, despite his protestations that it isn’t so.

In an attempt to right things, by changing some horrific events she knows are to come, she uses the bracelet to take her to Union colonel, Tom Denning – Quantrill’s nemesis. Her unexpected feelings for this man throw her life into total confusion.

She asks for Denning’s help, in preventing a terrible act which will result in one of the worst massacres of the War.

When Denning’s attempts fail she returns to Quantrill, in an attempt to prevent his act of retribution: a bloodthirsty raid on the town of Lawrence, Kansas. She fails. Lawrence is burned to the ground, resulting in almost 200 deaths.

Devastated and shell-shocked she goes to Denning who, despite her part in the raid, still loves her. She returns to Quantrill, to tell him she’s leaving, but is captured with him, and sentenced to hang.

She now relies on Denning to save her life, but he can’t be found. She gives Quantrill the bracelet, telling him of her love for Denning.

The half broken bracelet can only return him to the 21st Century; but when he is given the chance to say goodbye, he forces her back to the 21st Century, with him. Discovering her neighbour has a second bracelet; she returns to Denning, leaving Quantrill in the 21st Century.

She marries Denning. The War ends. Now comes her plan to change history: an attempt to save Lincoln from assassination at the hands of John Wilkes Booth. Successful, she and Lincoln become very close, perhaps too close.

When she transports Booth to another time, to save his life, Denning finds out and ends their marriage. She returns to Quantrill, wanting to destroy the bracelet, but he wants to use it to save his men, who are to be killed by the notorious Captain Terrell. Terrell captures her and takes her to his barracks, where he tries to rape her. When he learns she saved Lincoln it changes everything.

Terrell is told that his men killed Quantrill. She can’t save him as Terrell has, unwittingly, broken the bracelet. Heartbroken, she even lets Terrell comfort her. He realizes he loves her, but believes she could never love him after the attempted rape; but she sees the good in him and Fate has other plans.

On their Wedding Day, Quantrill returns. Her neighbour had given him a time bracelet which he had used to save himself. He forces her back to the 21st Century, refusing to let her marry his enemy, Terrell. By deceit she regains control of the bracelet. A decision must now be made: her soul mate, Terrell, or the man she’s loved for years: Quantrill.

Choose her destiny from the two alternate endings!


Published: 2015

Trim size: 5 x 8 inches (12.7 x 20.32 cm)

Page count: 198

Internal pages: B&W

Binding: Paperback

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