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Pie Square


Pie Square is a story of the most remarkable fast food chain ever conceived. It is rapidly spreading across the world, devouring its devotees, and creating enormous wealth for its owners. It supplies not only sustenance for the body, but for the mind and spirit too. Its all enveloping philosophies are moulding the youth of the world for an impending revolution that will turn global society upside down. 

This is a story of “coincidence” and how various sequences of events can lead to power, fame and wealth. It is a tale of delusion, split personality, and divergent thinking. It is satire aimed at the fast food industry, its bizarre executives, the powerful forces of advertising, and the cancerous growth of big business. Youth is examined in terms of how it is exploited and of its wasted potential and how early experiences affect later life. There is nostalgia for the sixties and seventies; yet a wealth of comment on video games, junk food and computer technology, the clichés of today.

Published: 2013


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