Playing in the Puddles by Barnaby Howarth

Barnaby Howarth

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Playing in the Puddles

Barnaby Howarth

Type 1 diabetic & stroke survivor Barnaby Howarth was three-quarters through writing his autobiography in 2005 when he had a stroke and was placed on life support after being bashed outside a nightclub in Sydney. When he recovered, he finished writing his manuscript and had it self-published, but couldn't shake the feeling he’d let himself down. He didn't feel like he’d done his story justice, but now he’s finished what he started and is telling his story in Playing in the Puddles.

He has teamed up with author Julie Lewthwaite to write his biography – the story of a man who loved the life he was living so much, that being diagnosed with diabetes at 14 then having a stroke at 25 couldn't knock him off the path he wanted to walk. When Barnaby was 10, he wanted to be somebody - he didn't think a “normal” life was good enough. Even when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 14, his ambitions didn't change. Then when he was 18, he was drafted into the AFL by the Sydney Swans, and thought this was at the start of his journey to becoming a somebody. When he was 25, he was out having a drink with some friends, and one of those mates made one bad decision and Barnaby was king hit from behind then kicked in the head while he was lying on the ground unconscious.

A week later, Barnaby had a stroke and was placed on life-support that his parents were told they might have to switch off, and his family and friends were told to come and say goodbye. When he came out of his coma four days later, he was in a world of uncertainty – would he ever get a job again? Would he drive a car? Would he meet a girl and get married? He now realised a “normal” life wasn't only good enough, it was something to be proud of. When he was back on his feet, he went back to his "normal" life – he graduated from University with a diploma in journalism and had his autobiography published, then he set his sights higher - he went to Africa and filmed, narrated, edited and directed a documentary, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and filmed another documentary on that trip, then made an AFL comeback so he could reach his 100th game for his local club (he was on 96 games when he had the stroke).

Later that year he was inducted into the Sydney AFL Hall of Fame, and is now proud to be living a “normal” life again. He got his drivers’ licence back, has been wakeboarding with his mates, and married the girl of his dreams. This book tells the story of a man who is proud to be living a normal life. Anybody who feels that "normal" isn't enough needs to read this book.


Published: 2015

Trim size: 5 x 8 inches (12.7 x 20.32 cm)

Page count: 142

Internal pages: B&W

Binding: Paperback

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