Self-Help Psychotherapy (Level: Introductory) by Dr Stuart R. Rolls, PhD

Dr Stuart R. Rolls, PhD

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Self-Help Psychotherapy (Level: Introductory)

Dr Stuart R. Rolls, PhD

East meets West here. 'Monkshood' developed at a cracking pace, via latest in-home, marvellous High Tech! Not only for inner peace but Psychotherapeutic Self-Help Release! Put on goggles or listen to high tech audio (stereophonically synchronising left and right brains), then 'open sesame' at the very seat of hang-ups; subconscious/unconscious accessed as never before!

The CDs meditate you! You don't even have to try, or need to contort yourself in exotic postures. You feel marvellously safe and often euphoric drifting in mind relaxing frequencies with nature sounds, accelerating passage of all that's been dragging you down (the stuff of Western Psychoanalysis).

Enlightening 'analysis' eventuates. Some catharses and you?re free, blissfully as in the East and no Western stigma. Truly, 'we can work it out' (The Beatles), 'heal and know ourselves' (Greek philosophy).

The author/modern psychotherapist, skilfully blends the psychotherapies into rapid timeframe holistic Meditative High-Tech Therapy. Case histories reveal 'miracle' releases you too can achieve!

Stuart, the author, a lifetime Psychospiritual Researcher, Psychotherapist and Parapsychologist, illuminates all, letting readers into priceless secrets. Even to programming themselves without high-tech!

This CD holds the complementary relaxation recordings for Dr Stuart R Rolls' book Self-Help Psychotherapy (Meditatively via my In-Home Relaxations or Tech Tools)

Track listing for Self-Help Psychotherapy (Level: Introductory)

  1. Introduction
  2. Guided Explanation
  3. Sample Meditation

Run time: 66 minutes

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