Sensuous and Other Astral Experiences Now! (Level: Introductory) by Stuart R. Rolls, PhD

Dr Stuart R. Rolls, PhD

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Sensuous and Other Astral Experiences Now! (Level: Introductory)

Dr Stuart R. Rolls, PhD

All of us experience Astral Travel/OOBEs (Out of Body Experiences) during our lifetime’s sleep/other rest periods/meditations. This book shows how to vividly live and recall these valuable and often sensual happenings. Spontaneously these can occur when we’re under anaesthesia, or knocked unconscious for any reason. Loosely described ‘unconsciousness’ is shown to contain other ‘altered states of consciousness’ in which fascinated humans can

Throughout recorded history there are countless stories and proofs of humans almost spying like visitations, in places miles (or indeed oceans and even galaxies) away, from their safely resting bodies.

Furthermore, the book prepares and trains readers to clear limited perceptions of their finite, time oriented being selves, into experiential awareness of their greater, eternity ranging astral selves. This ‘higher self ’ does not rely solely on the physical body, which obviously one day it can do without. It can visit past, present and future - Now!!

Sexual, as well as all the sensual delights, plus divine spiritual overtones of bliss and ecstasy, are astrally ours for the taking. We can weave in and out of time and places, as sensually or as spiritually as we like, in that greater freedom of Universal love and Eternity. There are no rights and wrongs where we’re true to ourselves, as appropriate to our present individual states of scintillating, ever changing evolution. Taste/know astral love/wisdom - Now!! Case histories reveal how!

Stuart, the author, a lifetime Psychospiritual Researcher, Psychotherapist and Parapsychologist, illuminates all, letting readers into priceless secrets. Even to programming themselves without high-tech!

Track listing for Sensuous and Other Astral Experiences Now! (Level: Introductory)

  1. Introduction
  2. Guided Explanation
  3. Sample Meditation

Run time: 67 minutes

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