Shakespeare the Truth other Greats by William (Billy) McIntyre

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Shakespeare the Truth Other Greats: The Common Denominator: Innate Intellect

William (Billy) McIntyre

You may be wondering what Shakespeare, golf and playing the violin have to do with each other, and some of the other topics in this book. Well, it’s pretty simple. They’re all things I enjoy – a lot. And they’re all things I’ve learned a lot about over the years, and which I’d like to share with you here.

All the people born into this world – from before the Ancient Greeks to today and through into the future – are born with their own innate intellect level. Irrespective of education they have left their mark in their respective fields of endeavour; think of Shakespeare, Beethoven, Leonardo da Vinci and Michael Faraday. These people have one thing in common a high level of innate intellect.

Beyond the discussion of innate intellect I also venture into the fields of raising better children, Billy Mac’s Laws on Living Life plus a technique of golf putting and a technique and strategy for playing lawn bowls. I share my experience to aid longevity in violin playing and a proposal for women’s contribution to the future of humanity.


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