Taipana by Tim Berman, PhD

Tim Berman, PhD

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Tim Berman, PhD

When a teenage party-girl is found dead in a stormwater drain, her beautiful body mutilated and defiled, her elder sister commences a vigilante crusade to find the truth about her killers.
A small-time drug peddler then dies from apparent snake bite in a filthy squat.
Meanwhile, a senior policeman, a biker and high-ranking politicians are implicated in the murdered girl’s background as Sydney’s underworld is lit up with intriguing political deals and counter deals.

This is one wild ride from the salubrious leafy suburbs to sleazy slums – nail-biting in its course and devastating in its conclusions.
Could it be taken from real life?
Does it still bear any resemblance to today’s New South Wales?
The author takes the reader on a roller coaster of home truths, a story which we can all relate to, one way or another.
Another fabulous tale from the pen of Tim Berman.

Published: 2015

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