The Abraxas Principle by Wolf Champion

The Abraxas Principle by Wolf Champion

Wolf Champion

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The Abraxas Principle

Wolf Champion

The Abraxas Principle was uncovered by Wolf Champion while conducting a counter-terrorism initiative in Alexandria, Egypt. Initially, the finding was regarded as fantasy and coincidence. But there were too many coincidences involving people, places and events throughout history. The supernatural concept involves a mathematical pattern that hasn’t been recognised by humanity. More importantly, the principle contains a code that scientists, alchemists and philosophers have been struggling to find. 

In the second century, a Gnostic philosopher by the name of Basilides discovered the code. He revealed that specific numerology was embedded into the Greek translation of the word ‘Abraxas’. Numerology that added to 365. These numbers contain the code of the Abraxas Principle and the philosophy behind it. Basilides believed that by applying a secret ancient mathematical equation (Neiel’s Nines) to the code, you could extract numerological energies and create a supernatural phenomenon. Even ascend to another realm.

But Basilides was damned as a heretic and his revelations were ridiculed. His library of knowledge was lost (or so it was thought) and the Abraxas Principle was discarded only to resurface centuries later in fragments scattered across cyberspace. But these fragments needed the equation in order to make sense. The equation makes it all fit together, like one tidy puzzle.

The Abraxas Principle brings those pieces together. The stories, the data and the theories have been collected so you can see the fictional turn into the factual.

You may wonder why this knowledge has been bestowed to Wolf Champion. Who is he after all?

Somehow, it was always his destiny to deliver this to humanity. These words have been waiting for him to write his whole life. But only now, in this age, with our technology, is it possible to broadcast the existence of the enigma. But at what price? What is the cost of dipping our minds into the very fabric of the universe? Of understanding its nature and how we may bend it? What are the consequences?

You’ll see that there were good reasons why the enemies of Basilides tried to suppress what he’d discovered.

But I think you should know the truth. Don’t you?


Published: 2020

Trim size: 8 x 10 (20.32 x 25.4 cm)

Page count: 110

Internal pages: Colour

Binding: Paperback

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