The Adventures of Skipper & Rocky gift pack by Philip Dorian Bishop

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The Adventures of Skipper & Rocky gift pack

Philip Dorian Bishop

Illustrated by Logan Niblock

The Skipper & Rocky series by author Philip Bishop, with colourful and brilliant illustrations by Logan Niblock bringing it life, explores certain aspects of water safety and knowledge, and is certain to keep you and your listener wanting more.

Skipper, with the aid of his boat, Rocky, his friends and his 'magic belt', saves the day each time and teaches the young reader some important lessons along the way.

Are YOU ready for adventure?


Book 1: Between the Flags

Priya is enjoying a day at the beach with her family when she decides to go for a swim. From there her life changes in an instant. Unaware of the dangers of the ocean she finds herself at serious risk of drowning.

Between the Flags takes you on an adventure that brings home the value of learning to swim and knowing your environment.

Book 2: Washed off the Rocks

Wook, who has recently migrated with his family from South Korea, goes out for the day with his school buddy Harry. The boys decide to go rock fishing and soon find themselves underprepared and in grave danger. Can they be saved in time?

Washed off the Rocks takes you on an adventure that brings home the value of honesty, safety and a knowledge of the environment.

Book 3: Endangered Species

Jinhai the Chinese Puffer fish is enjoying playing with his friends when he unsuspectingly finds himself in serious danger. His friends Mary and Sparky do what all friends do and get help. BUT can they save him in time?

Set on the Great Barrier Reef, Endangered Species takes you on an adventure that brings home the value of true friendship and a knowledge of extinction.


Trim size: each 6 x 9 inches (15.24 x 22.86 cm)

Page count: varying between 24 to 28

Internal pages: Full colour

Binding: Paperback



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