The Compleat OWL - One World League: The 'Forever' Zeitgeist 1950-2050 by d'ettut

The Compleat OWL - One World League: The 'Forever' Zeitgeist 1950-2050 by d'ettut


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The Compleat OWL - One World League: The 'Forever' Zeitgeist 1950-2050


The 'forever' zeitgeist is the spirit of the 'century of insanity' - 1950 to 2050 - the last century before enlightenment. (Or the extinction of human civilisation - whichever comes first.)

Sebastian and Virginia are the founders of OWL - One World League - a brave new political movement designed to address the iniquities of the world: political corruption, environmental destruction and overpopulation. Archaic 18th century political thought turns into 21st century revolutionary enlightenment with the abandonment of elections, heads of state and partisan policy formulation.

G.G, a phenomenally powerful member of the mysterious global 'elites', convinces Virginia to embark upon a trillion dollar venture, F4F (Forests for the Future). The formula for the enterprise creates a vast, globally operating public company, of which the shareholders are OWL members - a brilliant first for a political movement. And the fabulous wealth created allows Virginia - who is now the world's first trillionaire - to infiltrate the elites.

But while this prophetic story unfolds, the world's unwitting masses are being duped by the greatest conspiracy of all, the real-life Rothschild Formula - until the elites unleash a nuclear cauterisation which obliterates vast geographic locations around the world.

The Compleat OWL is a hard-hitting political satire which exposes the dangers the real world is currently experiencing and lays bare the implications of the human race's inability to extricate itself from its brutish evolutionary beginnings and to politically, socially and morally mature.

Ignore The Compleat OWL at your - and the world's - peril!


Published: 2020

Trim size: 6 x 9 (15.24 x 22.86 cm)

Page count: 752

Internal pages: B&W

Binding: Paperback


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