The Deception Engine - Part One by J.L. Heylen

J.L. Heylen

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The Deception Engine - Part One

J.L. Heylen

In the rough and tumble town of colonial Sydney in an alternative Steam-punk world, Phyllida Thorn flies under the radar by cross-dressing. She can swank and swagger with the best gentlemen of the Antipodes without anyone ruffling her feathers.

Rich and beautiful Hilary Templestowe has had enough of London after the death of her husband. She settles her affairs and soon arrives at the Sydney docks in a luxury passenger dirigible, looking for adventure. 

That's when the trouble starts.

Through kidnappings, dastardly plots, ingenious devices, and a little bit of swash-buckling (there has to be swash-buckling, dearest reader), Hilary and Phyllida must find their way to each others hearts.

Needless to say, they have a lot of fun trying.

Oh, there's quite a bit of kinky, steamy sex through all this as well. Just thought I'd best warn you, in case you were hoping for a family show. Best not read this one to the kids.

Published: 2013

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