The Distant Kingdoms Volume Eighteen: A World Divided by David A. Petersen

The Distant Kingdoms Volume Eighteen: A World Divided by David A. Petersen

David A Petersen

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The Distant Kingdoms Volume Eighteen: A World Divided

David A. Petersen 

Kerroway - The military city that is the main army base of Porra.

Lieutenant Colonel Rennet Farger - The commanding officer of the military city of Kerroway.

Captain Kaaral Peall - The officer second-in-charge of the military garrison.

A great many disasters have already befallen the populace of Perencore leading to thousands of deaths from one end of the continent to the other. There appears to be precious little reason behind the numerous assaults on various cities, towns and even smaller targets. Despite these violent intrusions, the people of Perencore and its nations attempt to continue with their lives to the best of their ability.

Dale Johnstone is attempting to help the family of the recently murdered leader of the island nation of Valouras, Imperator Aret Zinnan. His efforts are concentrated on the eldest daughter, Giannin, with whom he has built up a strong relationship. To further add to their ongoing issues, the main city of Kashir is under constant attack by treasure seekers who wish to plunder its incredible natural resources. These fortune hunters are often only prevented from achieving their goals by Dale’s futuristic vehicle, the SCATT.

In the great walled city of Terrimorter a strange mystery is unfolding amongst the many people living there, threatening them with a swift, but terrible death. On further investigating a variety of unusual events, Walter Bradshaw, the members of his former squad, General Herric Samora and some of Empress Dara Thelon’s relatives check on the highly bizarre vessel secured in a warehouse. This incident leads to them finding a stranger in the shuttle. Unfortunately, the man in question happens to break free, captures the former sergeant major and makes good on his escape.

Connie York has left Terrimorter, accompanied by her partner, Carl Buchanan, Sean Corrigin and the remaining members of the Confederate squad then travelled all the way to Xerous. Once at the capital city of Porra they will be joined by a great many people to go in search of the mythical flying horses that have been breeding up in large numbers in a reserve near the military city of Kerroway. Included in the expedition are Gary Wyndham and his squad, Sil-Ta-Dan, and some other members of the Appor along with Lieutenant Colonel Inlo Ricc for protection.

On arriving at the reserve near the military city, the entire troupe come to the realisation that they have greatly underestimated the dangers involved in in their endeavour. Now they all face certain death at the hands of a rogue officer and his corrupt army.

Back in Xerous City, Colin Bourke continues to deal with his former wife, Jenrin Hul and their twin daughters. Lady Pira Laninval is getting back to leading a normal, domestic violence free life now that she has executed her former spouse as well as his entire family. Also, the Dearnian guard, Hock is to be dispatched back to the city of Fellan Port to aid Lord Thellic in the reconstruction of the city after the devastating explosion.

Ernest and Edith Bonaparte are still coming to terms with their recent tragedy. They continue to work through their lives while providing a constant source of help for what remains of their family. Immir and Lorraine Hanis have relocated to Valderhien to personally report on their findings concerning the now destroyed Minerva Project. He is surprised to discover that there has been a change of leadership within the Elite Command of the Order of the Royal Decree.

Entell Thellon the Third and Queen Sinar Thellon continue to reign over the Hamaforth Kingdoms. There are few issues that they cannot deal with in a competent, intelligent fashion, although the ongoing incidents of great violence cause them great concern. However, tragedy will strike the Royal family, plunging them and the Hamaforth Kingdoms into unresolved turmoil and despair.

And an incredible threat waits in close proximity, ready to strike at any time and at any place.

Published: 2022

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