The Distant Kingdoms Volume Six: A Kingdom Falls by David A Petersen

The Distant Kingdoms Volume Six: A Kingdom Falls by David A Petersen

David A Petersen

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The Distant Kingdoms Volume Six: A Kingdom Falls

David A Petersen

Catastrophe has struck the length and breadth of the Hamaforth Kingdoms with his Royal Majesty Entell Thellon the Third and his sons, the prince heirs to the throne having been abducted by an army from the Azzil Territories. His Majesty’s own army has been shattered, along with the military city of Kerroway, leaving the way open for more enemy forces to pour across the border and eventually take control of the entire kingdoms.

The Queen, Sinar Thellon puts up a valiant fight against ‘Overlord’ Ile Perorn, the Lord of Phornimiren who has overrun the city of Valderhien as well as seizing authority of all of the Hamaforth Kingdoms. Despite her concerns over the well-being of the remainder of the Royal family, she enlists the aid of others in her fight including Edith Bonaparte, her children and possibly one of the few remaining Appor, Sil-Ta-Dan. Together, with the help of other people in the city, they hope to eventually overthrow ‘Overlord Perorn’ and regain control of the eastern half of the continent.

Only the defenders at the castle in Xerous stand between the Territorian leader, Ruler Jom Azzer and his ceaseless quest to control the entire continent. Colin Bourke not only has enemies on the outside of Xerous City, but a new threat has emerged in the form of those new arrivals to the nation of Porra who feel he is unfit to lead the entire realm. Only a handful of his closest allies, including Lieutenant Gary Wyndham and his crew, and a number of other so-called ‘Beyonders’ such as the American Civil War soldiers, Walter Bradshaw and his redcoat unit- along with Ernest Bonaparte stand in the way of his removal from the Porran throne and possibly even his imminent death.

Dale Johnstone, Connie York and Sean Corrigin, having unintentionally abandoned the SCATT, now find themselves captured by the military and led directly to the Imperial palace where they are kept as ‘guest’, though in reality are nothing more than political prisoners of the despot leader. Also held within the Imperial palace are Lorraine Montague, Victor Chan and those military prisoners captured during the disastrous battle near Kerroway. All of these people now have to wait and hope they can break free from Ruler Jom Azzer’s often violent grasp.

Published: 2017

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