The Distant Kingdoms Volume Sixteen: Times of Peace by David A. Petersen

The Distant Kingdoms Volume Sixteen: Times of Peace by David A. Petersen

David A Petersen

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The Distant Kingdoms Volume Sixteen: Times of Peace

David A. Petersen

Peace has reigned across the world of Perencore for a great many years ever since all of the enemies of civilisation have been soundly defeated. No wars rage, slavery is abolished, crime is at its lowest recorded level and the peoples of all countries are content with their lives. And yet, some threats still exist, but are yet to make themselves known to the citizens of these different nations.

In Xerous City, the capital of Porra, Colin Bourke has gone from being a revered leader of men and women, the hero of the Hamaforth Kingdoms, a fearless discoverer of other civilisations and all-around good guy…to just sort of hanging around, wasting time. His former spouse, Jenrin Hul has provided him with two wonderful twin daughters who would be the apple of anyone’s eye. Colin constantly refers to his greatly cherished daughters as; ‘The Twins of Evil’.

Lady Pira Laninval finds herself in a loveless marriage with an abusive husband who conspiries against her in order to seize the authority of the Porran regional throne. His extensive family, a pack of devious members of the lower nobility, are likewise in league with his Lordship’s dishonourable schemes.

In the once dreaded city of Terrimorter life is far more relaxed - at least for a short while. Sergeant Major Walter Bradshaw and the rest of the soldiers in the British squad have retired from army life and run an upper-market tavern near the Imperial palace. Their business partner is non-other than Sean Corrigin, a fact that confuses a great many people. Their business is quite the success, although there appears to be pressure from a mysterious business consortium to sell their establishment.

In the Imperial palace, Ruler Entell Thellon and his beloved spouse, Empress Dara Thellon reign over the Azzil Territories with intelligence and fairness that is unheard of throughout its recorded history. Although they have not managed to produce their own children, they have adopted the child rescued from the doomed city of Innolin; Herrina Thellon is now like a daughter of their very own, although she holds a deep-seeded hatred beneath the surface of her tranquil exterior.
Connie York and her partner, Carl Buchanan likewise reside within the palace - at the Empress’ insistence. Their life is a serene affair as they simply live life to its fullest extent. The communication system discovered over in the Landmass of Sesquain allows them to maintain contact with the surviving members of the former Confederate squad who presently reside in a small village much closer to the northern coastline.

In the Hamaforth Kingdoms, the Iroquois crew, once under the leadership of Lieutenant Gary Wyndham, have now disbanded to run their own ranches and farms. Wyndham has married one of the local women, Ilit Vannur and they have a child - and so far their lives are nothing but perpetual bliss.
In the city of Valderhien, their Royal Majesties continue to rule over the entirety of the Hamaforth Kingdoms in a joint effort. The king generally deals with the more noxious bureaucracy while her Majesty is more involved in fending off her subjects attempting to organise an arranged marriage with his Highness, Zarr Thellon - who is nowhere near old enough to be married.

Ernest and Edith have suffered a terrible tragedy that threatens to completely destroy their lives. They continue to work through their grief with the kind assistance of a great many friends and companions, including Lorraine Hanis, her husband, Immir Hanis and Doctor Victor Chan.

To the east in the nation of Phornimiren, the Appor tribe live under the constant threat of poachers and criminals, all in desperate need to steal the wondrous flying horses. The tribe’s leader, Sil-Ta-Dan and her partner, Kurt Limmen lead a constant counteroffensive to maintain ownership of these incredible animals.

And high above everyone, a great threat looms, ready to annihilate the entire population of Perencore.

Published: 2021

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