The Distant Kingdoms Volume Three: The Angels of War by David A Petersen

The Distant Kingdoms Volume Three: The Angels of War by David A Petersen

David A Petersen

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The Distant Kingdoms Volume Three: The Angels of War

David A Petersen

PORRA – The nation bordering the Azzil Territories.

XEROUS CASTLE – The primary bastion of defence against the enemies of the Hamaforth Kingdoms.

ANHIL – The bandits that infest the nations making up the Hamaforth Kingdoms.

These persons referred to by the inhabitants of the Hamaforth Kingdoms as ‘Beyonders’ have begun establishing their place within this traditional society.
Though scattered across a vast expanse on the world of Perencore, they strive to maintain some resemblance of their former existence while beset by a great many tumultuous issues that threaten to tear apart or quite possibly end their lives altogether.

Colin Bourke continues his reign over the nation of Porra. Having barely survived an attack by the crime gangs that infest Xerous City, he now finds his rule threatened by all those who seek to undermine his command. To add to his woes there is the rumour of war as an enemy army approaches from deep within the Azzil Territories. This host of armed men have only one mission in mind; to eradicate Colin Bourke and his followers and replace them with the deposed Lord Laninval.

The Bonaparte family and the Appor tribe are still being pursued by the monsters known as the Wenris-Wer. Now other people are interfering in their plight. These locals have their own reasons for detaining the tribe and their guests- but not all of these objectives are for the benefit of these off-world peoples. 

Sergeant Major Walter Bradshaw and his unit of redcoats, along with the Civil War unit all arrive at the Royal palace in the city of Valderhien, although not without incident. Lorraine Montague and Victor Chan have yet to discover the cause of the catastrophic failure of the Minerva Project. They find their efforts constantly hampered by the good meaning interference of the local people. Eventually, both scientists are commanded by the king, Entell Thellon the Third to appear before him in Valderhien, a distraction neither appreciates. 

Lieutenant Gary Wyndham and his Marines squad now find themselves in a dangerous siege situation. They are, along with their hosts, surrounded by a veritable battalion of Anhil, the local bandits who yearn to acquire the Beyonders’ seemingly miraculous weapons.

In Terrimorter, the capital of the Azzil Territories, Ruler Jom Azzer has dispatched an armed force of great size to displace the new Lord of Porra from the regional throne. And Major Enrich Voltaire moves ever closer to developing a new mode of weaponry that will permanently change the balance of power across the entire continent.

Dale Johnstone, Connie York and Sean Corrigin find life within the Self Contained All Terrain Transport to be advantageous. However, this futuristic mode of transport still does not always protect its new crew from the dangers of the outside world…… And with every passing day, they move closer to the nation of Blurican.


Published: 2021

Trim size: 6 x 9

Page count: 592

Internal pages: B&W

Binding: Paperback

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