The Guardian of Song by Benjamin Patterson

The Guardian of Song by Benjamin Patterson

Benjamin Patterson

9781922628039, 9781922628350
  • $45.95

The Guardian of Song:
Book Two of the Markulian Prophecies

Benjamin Patterson

High King Eldilin sits wounded and forlorn. The crinkled missive on his table bares grave news. The Jerikan have invaded. The Borderlands are overrun. His sister, Princess Kathryn, is alive but distraught. Her journey across the continent ended in tragedy. The soldier she believed in has vanished.

Nearer to home, the Realm’s defence is being sabotaged from within, and the mysterious stranger with the face of a Guardian has escaped. The problems are overwhelming and time is running out. Without a prophesied saviour, the Realm is doomed. 

The Guardian of Song continues the epic tale of the Markulian Prophecies, a story of love, destiny and sacrifice. The battle for survival has begun. May the true God win.

Don’t forget to read book one first: The Shadow of His Hand 


Trim size: 6 x 9 (15.24 x 22.86 cm) 

Page count: 410 

Internal pages: B&W  

Binding: Paperback 

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