The High School Survival Guide by Ally Mosher

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The High School Survival Guide: a handbook for the modern teenage girl

Ally Mosher

No longer in print - only a handful of copies left!

Teen Literature Non-Fiction Category 
2012 Global Ebook Awards

Your secret to high school success, featuring career advice from TMK Consulting's Tracy Keith, and boy advice from 'R-Tizt', from UK band Luminites.

The High School Survival Guide is a full-colour, magazine style book for girls in early high school (ages 11-14). It's a guide to dealing with the ups and downs of high school life.

The book's six sections are:

  • School Life
  • Home Life
  • Social Life
  • Love Life
  • Work Life
  • Inner Life

This book isn't specific to any group or religion; rather, it's designed to empower young girls (no matter what their existing beliefs) to resist peer pressure, build self-confidence and self-esteem, and learn to accept themselves for the special and unique people that they are.

A note for parents and carers:

We suggest you give this book a quick read before giving it to your daughter. Parents/carers have responded really well to the up-to-date content of this book, and it will help you answer any questions your daughter might have.

The High School Survival Guide makes the perfect Christmas and birthday gift for any young girl in junior high or middle school.


Trim size: 8 x 9.5 inches (20 x 24 cm)

Page count: 166

Internal pages: Full colour


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