The Master Key to Acting Freedom by Graham Dixon

Graham Dixon

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The Master Key to Acting Freedom: Getting Ready for the Theatre of Life

Graham Dixon

Graham Dixon has been involved in the work of Michael Chekhov as a professional actor, director and teacher for nearly 50 years, having studied with and met many of Chekhov's original students. As the director of the Michael Chekhov Studio London, he's recognised internationally as one of the most important teachers in this imaginative approach to acting.

In The Master Key to Acting Freedom, Graham explores the basic principles of Michael Chekhov's approach to a new way of acting. Over the course of a four-day workshop with twelve participants from varying backgrounds, he shows how Chekhov's approach is radically different from many of the practices currently taught to actors and directors. Chekhov's approach is an 'open system' enabling the actor to access directly - 'to tap into' - an objective, creative world by using a heightened ability to imagine and sense. The resultant feelings, thoughts and will impulses are natural, unforced, true and joyous!


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